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If disclosed separately, tax provisions attributable to local tax jurisdictions will be classified as Local Tax. Deferred Gas Cost represents the cost of gas already consumed but not yet charged to consumers. This is most commonly reported by banks. Because Cash Payments indicates cash disbursements during the period, it may be slightly different from operating expenses of a company. Dividend per Share — Common Stock Issue 4 represents dividends paid per share for common share 4, when the company has more gas and energy trading company singapore one type of common stock outstanding.

The net worth of a subsidiary is assumed to be proportionally owned by parent company and other minority shareholders according to their respective ownership percentage. This is the current Price divided by the Sales Per Share for the most gas and energy trading company singapore interim period. Accrued Investment Income represents investment income accrued, but not yet received. Cash and Equivalents represents short-term, highly liquid investments that are both readily convertible to known amounts of cash and so close to their maturity that they present insignificant risk of changes in interest rates. Discontinued Operations — Liabilities represents long-term liabilities of discontinued operations.

Cash and Short-Term Investments is the sum of: Revenue from operating activities of noninsurance subsidiaries in an insurance company is classified as Other Non-Insurance Revenue where most such subsidiaries are engaged in banking businesses. This item should not be confused with Actual Return on Plan Assets. Number of Page Gas and energy trading company singapore User Traffic represents the number of hits page views that a website has received over the specified period of time.

Depreciation also represents the amount of expense charged against earnings by a company to write off the cost of a plant or machine over its useful life, giving consideration to wear and tear, obsolescence and salvage value. The 5 Day Price Percent Change gas and energy trading company singapore the percentage change in gas and energy trading company singapore company's stock price over the last 5 tradable business days. Repurchase Agreements represents short-term liabilities on securities sold under repurchase agreements. Actuarial Gains and Losses — Domestic represents the change in the value of either the projected benefit obligation or the plan assets resulting from experience different from that assumed or from a change in an actuarial assumption. Goodwill, Gross represents the excess of purchase price over the fair market value of net assets acquired.

Pension Benefits — Overfunded represents overfunded pension benefits. Rate used in determining the present value of plan obligations for Post-Retirement plans. This item includes the net number of stores opened during the period — number of stores opened, less the number of stores closed during the period. In order to use Interest Expense — Operating, the subsidiaries must primarily be engaged in financial services other than insurance operations. This includes all the operating indicators for the internet media industry, gas and energy trading company singapore by the company.

Other Revenue represents revenue that is not otherwise classified from the main operating activities of a company. Curtailments and Settlements — Domestic reflects the financial impact of the events gas and energy trading company singapore significantly reduces the expected years of future service of present employees or eliminates for a significant number of employees the accrual of defined benefits for some of all of their future services. Since the earnings are non-cash, these are reversed out of cash flow from operations.