Der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene

Hintergrund der Erfindung Background of the Invention. Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft einen computerbasierten Kommunikations- bzw. The present invention relates to a computer-based communications or communications network service, and more particularly to a system in which entities by power work presences are represented, which handle identifiers are assigned, which are used as der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene.

Die Beliebtheit der Kommunikation durch Messaging nimmt immer weiter zu. The popularity of communication through messaging continues to grow. If the message is sent, the effort pays when they are created on the receiver. One problem with presently available forms of messaging, it is necessary der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene determine addressing information, which is substantially unrelated to the identity of the recipient, and to remember them.

Sprach- und Faxnachrichten setzen eine Telephonnummer voraus. Voice and fax messages require a telephone number. E-mail messages require an address, which normally has an associated user name and electronic domain name and possibly information that is available for a communication or messaging service provider.

Also, der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene format of an electronic mail address can differ depending on the communication provider. Telephone numbers are difficult to remember, is usually change when a person moves or changes jobs, can be obtained from search boxes through a directory with only very limited numbers, and have no possibilities of data protection, as it is quite easy to assign address information of a telephone number.

Personal telephone numbers, such. Die Anrufer rufen die zugeordnete Telephonnummer an und die Anrufe werden automatisch an die Destinationstelephonnummer geleitet. Callers call the assigned telephone number and calls are automatically routed to the Destinationstelephonnummer. Akzeptiert die Destinationstelephonnummer den Anruf nicht, dann wird der Anruf automatisch zur Backup-Telephonnummer geleitet.

The Destinationstelephonnummer can be changed frequently by the subscriber. These personal number services mask changes to the telephone number of the subscriber, ie they allow a subscriber to have a single telephone number, even if he is on the road or frequently change the location, and also allow for better data protection.

The personal telephone numbers, however, are still difficult to remember, can a directory with only a very limited number are obtained from search fields are accessible through only one medium and integrated basis of trust in a telephone number into a special addressing infrastructure which limited call management options has. Electronic mail addresses are often difficult to remember, usually change when a person changes jobs or communication carriers, and are due to lack of universal directory services difficult to obtain.

Another problem with the currently available forms of messaging that if someone is reachable by a variety of message types, eg. As voice mail, fax and e-mail on several networks, the sender is not sure what kind of message to reach the desired recipient is most efficient. Another problem with the currently available forms of messaging that possibly a conversion problem between an available transmission device such.

Also, a conversion problem between the form of the message originally produced for. Voice-Mail, und der bevorzugten Form der empfangenen Nachricht, z. Voice-mail, and the preferred form of the received message z. As e-mail, are present. Produkte zum Konvertieren der Form der Nachricht, wie z. Products for converting the form of the message such. A proposed Der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene specification Multipurpose Internet Multimedia Der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene specification for Internet e-mail allows senders to provide a content in several alternative formats, but are in relation to conversion issues still no solutions.

The disclosed service name identification is for use in a network comprising a plurality of client nodes and server nodes interconnected by a communication link. Each of the client node comprises a clerk or a subordinate device for transmitting service request messages to initiate selected operations.

At least one of these server node has a name server that has a transaction agent, a database having a plurality of entries, each containing attributes that relate to an object such. The transaction agent receives service request messages from the Clerk. In response to a service request message is received from the client node clerk through the transaction der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene, the control module allows der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene update transmitting portion to transmit database updates over this communication link.

Kurzfassung der Erfindung Summary der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene the Invention. A directory system that is used with a communications network and in which a network presence for an entity is provided with attributes that stores the attributes and responds to queries. According to one aspect of the invention, the attributes have associated authenticity information.

According to a further aspect of the attributes have a hierarchical relationship, and the queries have specific information on from this hierarchical relationship.

In one aspect of the invention in which the attributes have associated security information, the directory service responds to queries using only those attributes that are associated with a public security indication.

Es besteht nicht die Absicht, an dieser Stelle eine Kurzfassung der Erfindung in ihrer Gesamtheit zu liefern. There is no intention to provide at this point a summary of the invention in its entirety. Rather, further features, aspects and advantages der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene the invention are set der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene in the following description and the drawings or will become apparent from them.

Kurzbeschreibung der Zeichnung Brief Description of Drawings. An entity is represented by at least one handle, which is described in detail below. Generally, these are in a handle to a more abstract representation of the entity as in the prior art, and it avoids the problems of known entity representations to be assigned to their insufficient abstract ie physical nature.

Each handle provides a certain cyberpresence identifier for an entity. Directory services, which are described in the present disclosure, provide more flexibility than prior art directory services.

When used with handles according to the present invention, directory services provide further enhanced flexibility. In general, a network directory service provides information about der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene and finds entities based on declarative queries. A part of the directory information is available to the public, whereas another part of the directory information to the public is not available, but can be used by the directory service for dereferencing addresses.

The entities provide the desired level of data protection in front of their directory information. The service offers one or more global and specialized network directories that can be distributed across multiple hosts in the network physically. The message creating and delivering services described in the present disclosure provide more flexibility than prior art message creating and delivering services.

If the message creating and delivering services used with the handles of the present disclosure, they offer improved flexibility. General enable message delivery services by a directive specifying entities concerning the forwarding of messages to specific endpoints or to a universal message store location notification of the message receipt and retrieval of messages. The notification of the message and the call can be in accordance with the by.

Entity specified criteria done such. As a priority for specific senders or special mentioned subjects. The message store services described in the present disclosure provide more flexibility than prior art message storage services.

If the message store services used with handles according to the present disclosure, they offer even more flexibility.

Ein wichtiges Merkmal der vorliegenden Offenbarung ist die Anwendung auf Objekte, wie z. An important feature of the present disclosure is the use of objects such. As news and cyber presences of information retrieval techniques such. Vektorraummodelle, die bisher nur auf Dokumente angewendet worden sind.

As vector space models, which have so far been applied only to documents. In general, der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene flexibility is achieved rather by applying information retrieval methods to objects than predominant reliance on more structured database query techniques. Netz werk umgebung Network factory environment.

In which a network is der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene, is generally believed to it that this is the environment of the present disclosure. Das in This in 1 1 gezeigte Netz weist ein Kommunikationsnetz Network shown comprises a communication networkHome-HostcomputerHome host computerDienste-HostcomputerServices host computerVerbindungs-HostcomputerConnection host computerDer handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene zu anderen Netzen, wie z.

Those der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene ordinary skill is clear that many different communication protocols when communicating between the various parts of the network can be used such.

In addition, authentication and encryption protocols are used where necessary, for. Various divisions of communications capability between the devices of the der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene and the devices includes the net. One assumption is the network provides the customer devices that lack a sufficient processing capability to provide the functions described below. Der spezielle Typ der Softwareprogrammierung, der zur Bereitstellung dieser Funktionen verwendet wird, ist nicht von Bedeutung.

The particular type of software programming used to provide these functions is not important. In one case, the customer equipment comprises only one telephone set with twelve keys. A user dials a connection host which is part of the network, eg. Unter Verwendung von mindestens entweder einer Spracheingabe oder einer Tast-Wahleingabe richtet sich der Benutzer eine Netzzugriffsberechtigung ein, beispielsweise durch Eingeben eines Identifizierungscodes und eines Passworts. Using at least one of a voice input or der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene button-selection input, the user establishes a network access permission, for example by entering an identification code and a password.

The connection host verifies the access authorization with the Home-host of the user and provides the user with then corresponding network resources are available, such. In another case, the customer's devices have a home host such.

As a personal computer and a modem on. The user instructs the home host to establish a connection to a connection host.

The function of the connecting host is more limited than in der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene above-described situation where there is a telephone set with the devices at the customer site.

In yet another case, the client device to receive-pager network only. An entity may be a person, an organization, a company, a department within a company, a user interest group or a set of entities. Alternatively, it may be the entity is a rank such. As president of an organization. An electronic presence is established for each entity for which a public identity is required.

The electronic presence is identified by a handle, the network presence for an entity serves as a place that provides publicly available information about the entity as a connection point with the.

Physically has a der handel mit binaren optionen freigegebene presence an account on a home host computer, such. Typically, there is an account on a home host, but some accounts can be due to their resource utilization on multiple hosts. An entity may have multiple network presences, which are each assigned to a different handle. An entity in which it is a person can have, for example, a network presence for related to their professional activities activities, another network presence for related to their main hobby activities and yet another network presence for related to their personal uses activities.

Herein and as used in the claims, "handle" refers to a unique identifier, which is registered in a universal directory network service for use by the entity. A handle is an abstract entity, but does not correspond to the physical end-point, although he one or more physical endpoints the handle may be for various purposes which are described below, allocated.

With the help of handles it is possible to decouple physical endpoints and delivery systems from the network presence for an entity. This means that a handle is not merely an address, but a representation of an entity because it is associated with the resource utilization and availability for the entity.