Broker commodity online trading account hdfc

I have a demat account in SBI. But if you open a trading account, opening a demat with us will always be more convenient. But you will be able to negotiate for the lowest possible brokerage with Angel Broking or anyone that you select. Is there any other alternative to Client Master Sheet? Is cancelled cheque leaf is mandatory for account opening.

I am currently outside India, so will the attestation of photocopy of my passport done by a competent authority in my current broker commodity online trading account hdfc, be a accepted by zerodha as a valid address proof? You can link your existing demat account to your Zerodha demat account. The cancelled cheque leaf is for a different reason, it is to map your bank account to the trading account, we ask for the original cancelled cheque to ensure that the bank account belongs to you only. I was excited to invest in the stock markets.

If yes, how can I, as I see forms links for two options only, a. Hi I am an NRI and holds australian passport. If you buy and sell as delivery during the day, it will still be considered intraday and all charges will be as if it were an intraday trade. I am about to open an account with Zerodha.

When will they do it? Suppose i started day challenge. I want to know- 1 Is it necessary to open new trading account for eq. As Citi Wealth is ceasing operations I need a new trading account. Hi, Is there a depository participant charges for commodity intraday trading…….

We are working on taking mutual fund trading live, should take a couple of months more. I have written to your support group and they have mentioned that it will be reflected on listing day in secondary market. She have broker commodity online trading account hdfc plan to trade in other segments except delivery trade. January 26, at 6: How do trading firm or investment bank employees trade on behalf of their employers.

Is the procedure same as that of opening a fresh account or some steps of application can be skipped as I my various credentials have already been verified by your representative? Demat AMC its says Rs per year. Hey thanks Karthik for the feedback. Do i need to fill any form for BSDA account if my holding is below 2 lac? Need to know ASAP to take advantage broker commodity online trading account hdfc the volatility due to the upcoming budget.

Hi Nitin, I have exact same requirement as Aashish Agarwal. Precaution should be taken with DIS to avoid misuse. Request you to leave your contact details here: In your website i read it as 0.

A demat account typically takes 10 days provided all the documents provided are correct. Account opening is very easy and convenient. Will get him to call you back on this asap.