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I want to say another thing. I will wait till OB65 see what happens and take it from there. I should be playing your game right now or studying but i am not. Hi-rez hasn't said a thing about this update for a while.

It's a simbolic act. I am assuming, that the 5 level card system only grasps here and not in competetive mode. My god i miss old G4. Its funny how "Angry higherups" try to close and remove everything bad about them, this is the internet you know? If this crap goes live, R.

Sorry, you are not only wrong but also highly biased. Hirez is probably saying, "The community will get over it sooner or later" If that is the case, which I am just assuming so considering there latest response They're already reviewing on Steam! Don't drop it on the community in a way that feels like it's an ultimatum of "in one week this goes live, we'll adjust every couple of days. However, the grind is a problem when you don't have unlimited resources like you do in the PTS.

Legendaries as we have them now should not be sacrificed for it. Is there at least one other who believes this will not kill Paladins? It's insulting because I was willingly spending money, and happy to do so, because I enjoyed the game. I and my group of friends are not like that and we will not stay.

Like I said, if you can't differentiate yourself from OW, then be prepared to lose your players to OW, and that one big thing that really differentiated Paladins from OW was its ability to allow card loadout customization. I saw this game go on its Hi's and Low's but this is the first time that I am really upset about a new patch. But as it is now, it is a really, REALLY BAD advertising for the game and it is just not appealing, watering it or no, the main problem will stay the same and it is mostly the old card and Casual system that didn't need to be deleted. Now to mention the unavoidable grind:

But don't simply delete the old Card System or the Casual mode, it's not wise if you follow the feedbacks. P unfortunatly, i never used a video editor before, so the result is quite disappointing. Explain yourselves to the community! I really enjoyed this game.

Because cards have more lvl. And ONLY cards, no recolors. Since i like playing Paladins and care for the game's future, I'd like to share my thoughts on the matter. That's if you really want to keep the unbound aspect without focusing on money. This game made me not touch it for almost a month!